About Us

Suri Pie Creation was founded out of love for my daughter.  I always wanted her outfits to have some pop but I could never find exactly what I wanted.  I always felt that I was compromising on the look, so I decided to make my vision a reality, Suri Pie Creations. Thanks to my wonderful husband and all the amazing mothers who I met along the way as I start a new chapter of my life. I left my job in finance and started working full time on my passion to create unique, stylish, and fashion forward outfits and accessories for little girls.

Suri Pie started out with just headbands but kept growing with more products such as dresses, rompers, shorts, birthday outfits and much more.  I take pride in all our work and I make sure that you are receiving my best on each and every order. Suri Pie understands the love of a mother and with each order, you will receive a piece of my love. Thank you for all your support over the years and giving me the opportunity to create that special memory of your little one with our creations!